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Since opening in 2009, we have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality and exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again. We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our offerings.



Exceeding Your Expectations



Process on site:

1st day (one or two days depending on the kitchen size and complexity): 

  • removal of all doors, drawer fronts and items that can be removed to be finished in our workshop

  • masking of all areas adjacent to items to be sprayed in-situ

  • scuff sanding (dust free system) and cleaning with special cleaner/degreaser

  • 2 coats of primer followed by 2 coats of topcoat (touch dry within 2h)

  • Removal of masking and clean-up

  • 2nd day (5 to 10 days later):

  •  Unpacking and installation of all doors ~6-8h

  • There is no need to empty the cupboards as all gets masked and protected.

* Please note, the process of spraying in situ might need to be carried out during the installation day rather than on the initial appointment.

 The lacquer is touch dry almost immediately hence there is no

issue with carrying out the installation on the same day.



  • Brand new look of your kitchen cupboards at a fraction of the replacement cost (£1000-£4000)

  • Minimal disturbance (one to two days of work at your place – the rest in our workshop)

  • Colour – any colour of your choice at 20% gloss with an exception of black and off black...

  • Special 2 component paint designed for kitchen cabinets - resistant to water, alcohol, oils etc.

  • Environmentally friendly solution – by keeping your existing kitchen you save a tree or two and a skip load of waste at a landfill site... 

Also apart from new finish we can install new handles, upgrade your hinges, soft closers, drawer runners and make new shelves if needed.

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From enquiry to the respray in a nutshell:


  • To obtain a quotation please fill in a submission form on our website.​

  • Please submit a few pictures of your kitchen. They MUST include the total number of the cupboard doors. Please make sure that we can see the whole of the kitchen on the pictures.

  • In a description field, please tell us how many colours you are interested in.

  • Please note that we DO NOT spray black or off black colours.

  • Click the send button and you are done.

  • We are pretty good with answering emails and preparing quotations. We will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours. It may take us a bit longer if we are super busy.

  • All quotations that we prepare are FINAL quotations for a preparation and respray. Any extras like exchanging knobs or handles are calculated on top of your quotation.

  • Please make sure to get familiar with the description of the respray. It is always attached to the email with your quotation. 

  • Once you are happy to go ahead, please click the “ACCEPT” button under your quotation – this will place you at the end of our waiting queue.

  • We will contact you then with the next available slot that we can offer and if it is convenient for you we will send you a deposit request to secure your booking date.

  • Once we received your deposit your booking date will be secured.

  •  Please note we can hold provisional booking dates ONLY for 48 hours after which we have to make your date available for other clients.

  • You must read through our colour guide which you can find attached to your quotation.

  • Once you picked your colour please email us your colour name, brand and number 10 working days before your job date at the latest.


Unit 5a Blacknest Industrial Estate

Blacknest Road, Bentley

GU34 4PX

Office hours 9am - 3pm 0142022546

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Add a picture of your kitchen
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Add a picture of your kitchen
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Add a picture of your kitchen
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Add a picture of your kitchen
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